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Tell your story with video.  This video already has over 12 million views, “Dollar Shave Club”.  It’s funny, informative, and their website crashed from so many visitors!  Watch this and see if it gives you any ideas for your business and we at Shorecast Media will help you make your ideas come to life.



To market your business better in 2014, create more videos to upload to your website, Facebook Page and YouTube.

 Run your ideas by us and we will schedule your project so your ideas can bring in tons of new and loyal customers!  We currently work with Nike, ESPN, The Food Network, and also local businesses.

Call to discuss your project with us:  1-848-221-7566 or EMAIL US your project ideas.

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Note:  “The Dollar Shave Club” was uploaded to YouTube in 2013 by The Dollar Shave Club, partnered with The Concept Farm.