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SpotOn Customer Rewards

Your SpotOn rewards card is good at hundreds of businesses near you!  Use SpotOn Mobile app instead of card if you have a smartphone.

Save hundreds of dollars a year on dining out, on spas and salons, on entertainment, sports and clothing.

SpotOn Tablet imageDownload the FREE SpotOn Mobile App here:  SpotOn Mobile App download

Get your FREE Rewards Card (one card good at all these places) at 7,000 places across the country – and at the Jersey Shore!

To find out where you can get a FREE SPOTON REWARDS CARD or where you can use your SpotOn Mobile App, visit

Click Get SpotOn and type in your town to see where you can get a FREE SpotOn rewards card nearby.

If you have a business and would like to offer FREE SpotOn Rewards cards, call Janet Edwards at 1-848-221-7566 or email: