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Mobile Websites

Right now check how your business website looks on your mobile phone!  If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it should be. There are now more Smartphone users than desktop users!  Watch this short video to see how and why your business could get more customers with a mobile website and how you can get a response-producing, lead-generating mobile website for your business.  Mobile websites start at only $295!


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Thank you!  We will be in touch about creating a mobile website for YOUR business with click-to-call, tap-to-map, menus and more, and for lead generation: a form that captures names and email addresses.   You can also add coupons, photos, videos, events, social media links, appointment schedulers, Open Table & more. 

Our software recognizes when someone is on a mobile phone, and instantly redirects them from your regular website to your mobile website!  Much easier to read and navigate!     SEE MORE INFO HERE >>>>

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We hope you’re enjoying these 3 videos and realizing that you really need a mobile website to make it easier for people to find out all about your business while on their mobile phones.  With tap-to-call, tap-to-map and much simpler, easier navigation along with getting email leads that you can nurture for more sales, it’s worth the small cost to get more business.  People can make appointments and reservations easily with their mobile phones, quickly see and use your coupons, quickly check out your menus.  Fill out the form above or call us today!   Mobile Websites start at only $295!

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Mobile Coupon Marketing

Reach More People on Smart Phones, iPads & At Home on Their ComputersMobile coupons get 10 times the response of print coupons and at a much lower cost.  Average print response is 1%, average mobile coupon response is 10%.   How about combining the best of both worlds:  Printable coupons and coupons on mobile phones, iPads & tablets … wouldn’t it be great to have your business in the palm of their hands, 24/7 and all for only $29/month?   6 mos for only $175.

Mobile coupons are great for lead generation: You get a list of names, emails & phone numbers so that you can keep in contact for even more sales!  Just call 1-848-221-7566 or EMAIL or just fill out the form below and we will send you a FREE ad proof for your approval without any upfront payment!

Here’s what your mobile coupon would look like:

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JANUARY SPECIAL:  When you fill out the form above, we will create a FREE MOBILE AND PRINTABLE coupon ad proof.  Upon your ad approval, you will be billed for $175 to cover you for 6 months of mobile & online advertising.

Call or email if you have any questions:  1-848-221-7566.

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Janet Edwards, Jersey Shore Sales Manager

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Cake Pops Recipe Video

To get a better view of this page, CLICK the words “Cake Pops Recipe Video” ABOVE!   I just came across this fun Cake Pops recipe video that I think you’ll enjoy!  A fun, entertaining thing to do with the kids!  SCROLL DOWN TO SEE COUPON!

Click screenshot above to watch video! Simple, easy, fun recipe. Enjoy your Cake Pops!

<<<<<——–  Click screenshot on the left to watch video!  (3 min 22 sec)

For some fabulous, full-of-photos CAKE POPS RECIPE BOOKS, scroll down and click on the BIG words CAKE POPS!





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Cake Pops



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Promoting Your Business on Facebook

Create a Facebook Plan You Can Stick With:

Amy PorterfieldAmy Porterfield

My clients often ask me, “How many times a day should I post on Facebook?” Unfortunately, there’s not a magic number; however, research does suggest that 2-5 times per day is key.

Anyone can handle this posting schedule for a week or two, but the real winners on Facebook are the companies that keep it up—every single day (or at the very least, Monday through Friday). Consistency always wins on Facebook.

Because your fans visit Facebook at different times of the day, one post a day simply isn’t enough—most fans won’t even see it. Instead, post several different types of content throughout the day. These can include short videos, quick tips, links and questions, to name a few.

Stagger your posts at different times to reach more fans. And never forget to include a call to action—words like click, comment, share and like will increase engagement.

Plus, the more you post, the more feedback you’ll get on what kinds of posts work best, and use this information to post more of what your audience really wants.

One extra tip: For maximum engagement, keep your posts around 80 characters or fewer. A study by Buddy Media showed that posts with 80 characters or fewer received 27% higher engagement rates. That’s big!  Aim to post short updates regularly on your Facebook business page.

The author of this article, Amy Porterfield, is the co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies.
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Graduate of The New York Film Academy.  Rates:  $75/hour for filming, $35/hour for editing.