Route 66 Grill Masthead of Site ---MON 6-9 ShoreHouse PosterSUN 6-8 ShoreHouse Poster ---SAT 6-7 ShoreHouse PosterFRIDAY Shore House 6-6-2104 ---WED Endless Wings Poster 6-4-2014 ---WED BEER PONG Poster - 6-4-2014 ---TUESDAY Shore House 6-3-2014 ---SAT Shore House poster -- 5-31-2014 ---ShoreHouse Coors Summer Brew poster 5-31ShoreHouse Burger + Fries on placemat ---ShoreHouse 1- WorldCup Teeshirt Poster 5-28-2014 ---TUESDAY Shore House 5-27 ---SAT Shore House poster -- 5-24-2014 ---MONDAY 5-25 shore House ---THUR Shore House poster 2 -- 5-22-2014 ---THUR Shore House poster 5-22-2014 ---WED BEER PONG Poster - 5-21-2014 ---Wings May 2014 ---Happy Mother's Day beachSat - poster 5-10-2014 ---PB Shore House Cinco de Mayo --- cat and dogShore House Cinco De Mayo dog poster 2014 ---Shore House Cinco de Mayo poster 2014 ---Saturday - Shore House - bartender dark hair 5-3-2014WED Shore House Poster 4-23-2014 -- ---Happy Twosday Shore House photo girl 2 beers ---Shore House Happy Easter ---SUNDAY Land + Sea Poster Shore HouseWinner Christie PB ShoreHouse MARCHblackened tuna bites - shore house ---SAT Shore House poster ---Winner Christie PB ShoreHouse MARCHShore House COUPON on phone ---THUR Shore House Sign ---



MON Shore House Sign ---

TUE Shore House SIGN ---


SUNDAY - Shore House ---

Wed ShoreHouse signs 4-1-2014 ---




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