SpotOn Rewards Program

Spot On is a customer loyalty program that rewards customers for visiting your business!  This encourages more frequent visits and testimonials show a 10%-30% increase in sales in just the first few months!  Call 1-848-221-7566 for an in-person demo!

Spot On - Darlas Cake DesignThe Spot On fun, easy loyalty system includes a free Samsung Galaxy tablet, free unlimited cards, mobile phone scanner, and the ability to email & text specials and deals anytime for free!  Customers can quickly check in at the tablet every time they visit your place with either their card or their mobile phone.  Every time they visit they earn points or “spots”.  If you’re a bakery, 5 spots could reward a customer with a free cupcake!  The entire system is just $2/day which is only $15/week ($60/mo), 1st month FREE.

SOCIAL MEDIA:  Spot On has an easy-to-use dashboard that enables you to EMAIL and TEXT customers with special deals any time you wish.  The Spot On App on your Facebook Page encourages more “Likes” and gets you new customers!

Click photos to watch these 2 quick videos:

Spot On - June Bugs Bakery screenshot     Spot On - Rewards video 1 min 26 sec

Fill out form for more information and a quick demonstration and your first month is FREE!

Thank you, we will be in touch soon.  TRY IT – YOUR FIRST MONTH IS FREE!

Janet Edwards, SpotOn Business Consultant, emailor call 1-848-221-7566.

Watch quick testimonial video for COFFEE CAFE.

Watch quick testimonial video for BAGEL SHOP.

Watch quick testimonial video for FROZEN YOGURT CAFE.

Watch quick testimonial video for RESTAURANT/PIZZA/HOT DOGS/DELI.

The SpotOn loyalty program is also great for hair and nail salons, tanning salons, pet stores, dry cleaners, massage therapy, florists & more!

Download the FREE SpotOn App here!

Download the free SpotOn app here to start earning rewards at your favorite local businesses:         Increase your sales revenues!

Spot On - Fosters Grille smoothies bkfst lunch dinner ---     Spot On - Cupcakes     Spot On - Pizza     Spot On - Hair Salon ---     Spot On - Trattoria     Spot On - beauty and skin  Spot On - Bagels ---


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